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Spring nail art tutorial: Posy nails

17 September, 2020 2 min read

Spring’s most essential colours have arrived to lighten and brighten your outlook. Shake off the winter blues and clean out your collection with fresh shades and even fresher nail art tutorials to try this season.

Just when you thought we were done and dusted with ‘new’, we’re back with even more exclusives to share with you. This spring, we’ll be treating you to nail art tutorials galore, starting with our pretty Posy Nails brought to you by Melanie Graves of the Overglow Edit.

We’ve enlisted Melanie to help bring these looks to life with a spring twist. And because we’re obsessed with creating products that are both all class and all conscience, these tutorials have been crafted with our newest naturally balanced nail colours.

What you will need:

Step 1. Clean, prep and file

Hooray, this look works on nails of all lengths. Once you’ve trimmed and filed yours into your desired shape, glide a cotton pad soaked in nail cleanser over each fingernail. Even if your nails are polish-free, cleansing them before painting will help prevent your tips from chipping prematurely.


Step 2. Turn up the base coat

Base coat adores nail polish and acts as a kind of magnet-slash-primer for your colour to stick to. Apply a thin layer of Miracle Treatment Base Coat to your nails and allow to dry. This triple-threat formula acts as a repairing treatment and pretty pearlescent colour - talk about the full package.


Step 3. Strike a posy

Using Tall Poppy, take your fat head dotting tool and paint five dots in petal formation onto each fingernail. We like to position them in the opposing corners of each nail for a scattered petal kind of look. Wait to dry for around five-minutes.

Step 4. Daisy dots

Add a single dot of Daisy Chain to the centre of each poppy and allow to dry.

Step 5. Seal the deal

Complete your look by applying a top coat. We recommend our Supersonic Top Coat so you can start spreading that spring flower-power sooner - 90 seconds sooner to be precise. Once you’re touch-dry, apply a drop of Self Love Oil to your cuticles for maximum hydration.


We’d love to see how your Posy Nails turned out, so please do show us your spring best by using #kesterblack and tagging us @kesterblack.

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