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Trophy Wife nail art tutorial: Crescent edges

10 November, 2020 3 min read

No need to wait for the next eclipse to witness cosmic phenomena. Simply cast your eyes over this dainty crescent edge look - the closest we will ever get to living out our Sailor Moon crescent-tiara fantasies.

Nail expert Chelsea Bagan of Trophy Wife is back with a fresh fix of nail art to occupy idle hands. Settle in star-gazers, because this new style features our award-winning treatments and naturally balanced nail colours.

We only want the best for you (after all, you deserve it), and will always recommend our range first. But if you can’t get your hands on Kester Black colours or products, any base, polish and top coat will do.

What you will need

Tool tip:

If you don’t have nail art tools handy, you won’t have to look very far to craft-your-own using these items found around the house:

Make a fine-tipped nail brush from a regular paint brush by snipping off some bristles, dipping them in a top coat and securely taping them at one end after they’ve dried. Tape this to a pen or pencil for mobility and away you go.
Toothpicks make for a great pointed tip in the absence of brushes.
Pacers or mechanical pencils (so futuristic) make great lining tools, but require some extra TLC due to their fragility.

Step 1. Clean, prep and file

We recommend an oval or squoval-shaped nail for this look. Please peruse our tips to finding the most flattering nail shape based on your fingers to help you achieve this style. Prepare your mini canvases for painting by gliding a cotton pad soaked in nail cleanser over each fingernail. Even if your nails are polish-free, cleansing them before painting will prevent your tips from chipping prematurely.


Step 2. Base-first

Base coat gives your polish something to really stick to and protects your nails from staining. Apply a thin layer of your chosen Base Coat to each nail and allow to dry for roughly five-minutes. We’ve used our award-winning Miracle Treatment Base Coat; a nourishing, nurturing, vitamin-laden concoction that you absolutely must add to cart.


Step 3. Don’t call me baby, the name is ‘Babe’

Covering the surface from base to tip, paint a layer of Babe over each fingernail. Let the first coat dry for five-minutes before repeating with a second coat. We prefer the three-stroke method, starting in the centre and following up with a stroke either side. Genius, if you ask us.


Step 4. Past, crescent, future

This is where the magic happens. Dip a thin nail brush (or striper brush) into Tall Poppy and paint a thin line from the inner side of your nail, curving along the tip. Wait for this little line to dry before applying a second coat. If you’re struggling to paint this curve, we’ve found that turning your fingertips while keeping the brush steady can help you cheat a neat application.

Step 5. Even flow

Tidy up with a second layer to even out the shape and colour of your first line and wait five-minutes for it to dry. Ta-dah! You’re officially in crescent-town. No permits necessary.

Step 6. Seal the deal

Like all good artists, it pays to prepare your work for presentation. Cap-off your creation with a good top coat. We recommend our Supersonic Top Coat for a high-intensity gloss finish in no time. This particular formula is packed with UV-filters to keep those bright, blood orange crescents from fading.


Step 7. Hydrate, admire, repeat

Rub a drop of our Self Love Oil into your cuticles for happier, healthier, more hydrated nails. This award-winning potion works all sorts of wonders, from moisturising dry skin to unchapping lips and removing makeup.


Over the moon about your latest look? Tell us all about it. Better yet, show us by sending your best shots 📷to or by tagging us @kesterblack and using #kesterblack.


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